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BAA Direct is here for the guy who wants to custom paint his own ride. Most custom paint shops want the average car, truck, or motorcycle enthusiast to think that adding graphics to your ride is next to brain surgery. Forget that - this is simpler than you'd ever imagine.

Finally... the simple "speed graphics" secrets for ANYONE... even raw beginners...
to produce complex graphics FAST and without worry. Use this simple "4-Keys" system on cars, trucks, motorcycles, anything you want - it doesn't matter. The results are always the same - jaw dropping graphics in a few days while other custom "artists" are taking weeks -- even months -- to get the job done.

This "4-Keys" process (a perfect fit for the "mechanically" minded guy who isn't an "artist"), combines new cutting-edge graphic techniques... solid "project-quickening" secrets... and tons of advanced (but easy to learn) old-school illustration and airbrushing tricks.

You'll discover: An astonishing tip to quickly developing an "illustrator's eye" for fast and easy design layout that takes just minutes when most guys are taking weeks... the " design flip" trick that will have you exactly matching both sides of your design using a sheet of inexpensive "butcher paper"... the simple "grid-pattern" lesson that will infuse drawing skills straight into your brain... And more... a LOT more. There's even a very cool "Heavy Metal Special FXs" FREE bonus (worth $49) that covers exactly how to create thick metallic-looking tribal graphics - one of the industry's hot money-makers right now.

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REAL FIRE: With just one special stencil… a few short hours… and with NO "art" experience at all… you'll discover the simple and inexpensive secrets to easily creating mind-blowing REALISTIC FLAMES guaranteed!

This NEW quick-learn program will have you painting the most sought-after… high-dollar… and astonishing realistic flames practically OVERNIGHT! and the unique "Flame Creator" Stencil (for making it all fast & easy)... is yours FREE!

"Real Flames" is perfect for the guy who's more mechanical than "artistic" -- because there's NO art involved! Just a special stencil and an easy-to-learn 9-step procedure that anyone who can wrench a bolt can follow. It's designed to be inexpensive... simple... and easy _ all explained step-by-step without any "artistic fluff". Watch it just once and you'll have the confidence to start painting realistic flames the next day. It's that powerful.

Discover the 3 different styles of realistic flames for maximum realism with minimum effort... exactly how to get your Flame Creator stencil do the work for you (you'll look like a graphics genius in the process)... how to easily "erase" any mistake at any stage of your job so even beginners have NOTHING to worry about... three easy "confidence building" techniques that will quickly get you up to speed... the one secret to making it all "fool-proof" _ no matter what goes wrong. And more… a LOT more.

There's also a genourous ONE YEAR guarantee.

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Vivid Special FXs: You don’t have to be some college-educated “artist” to render and illustrate like a pro… paint wild special FXs… or airbrush as “realistically” as a photograph — and make wads of money doing it. The secrets have nothing to do with being an artist. And it certainly has nothing to do with being “born” with any natural abilities -- and Larry Savi’s about to PROVE it to you by showing you… Step-By-Step… twelve of today’s hottest special FXs!

“Vivid Special FXs” You’ll discover exactly how to use the new “MirraChrome” paint... (looks identical to real chrome and very few people know how to use it -- but now you’ll know)... “Crystal FXs” masking material that makes your basecolor look like frozen shards of ice, (weird stuff that people just can’t stop looking at)... Four absolutely amazing “flopping pearl” special FXs... an astonishing “tie-dyed” color match all demonstrated on a racing helmet... a classic “Granite Special FX”... airbrush rendering speed-mixing tricks.. a multi-colored “overlapping flame” effect will have you creating dozens of wild colors from just three simple transparent colors... and more.

This “Vivid Special FX” package is HUGE – nearly 3-1/2 hours of rock solid instruction, explained clearly, and demonstrated in detail right before your very eyes. PLUS it includes a FREE “Advanced Airbrushing Secrets” video -- yours to keep no matter if you return everything for a full and prompt refund. It’s an astonishingly complete package that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Mega Custom Paint Secrets - Finally a "mega"-simple... easy-to-learn... and low-cost custom-system in action… shown step-by-step on TWO bad-ass Harleys!

Mike Lynch has been doing world-class, mind-blowing, custom bike-building, paint and graphics for nearly 35 years from his little Northend Choppers shop in Central California. You've no doubt seen his work in most of the industry's biggest truck, car-and-bike magazines. He's "hands-on" built and custom-painted literally thousands of one-of-a-kind jobs, including NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon's "Silver Crown" cars… the race cars of Ryan Newman's… wicked custom cycles for the biggest biker clubs in the world (yes, including bikes for the Hell's Angels)… seventeen "Ultra-Custom" bikes for Easy Rider, (including the now-famous flame job on the land-speed world-record holder "Stream Liner")… and on and on.

Learn how to achieve a perfect "Mad Dog" marbleized candy red (all done on an bad-ass Harley FXD owned by a California Hell's Angels)... How to make complex letter-painting look like child's play. End result is high-dollar pro lettering that requires ZERO "art" skills... how to get a beautiful deep urethane purple candy paint job (your rare chance to see an entire show-quality candy paint job from the ground up... how to paint something to look exactly like reflective chrome... quick and simple lessons to airbrushing starbursts… simple landscapes... beveled edged lettering… and a lot more. And a LOT more. Believe me… you DON'T need to know anything about art. We walk you through it all to make it easy!

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This brand NEW "Wicked and Wild" videoset reveals ELEVEN of today's hottest, most popular "big dollar" custom-paint secrets. These are the "sure money" tricks that use nothing more than paint and materials to do practically all the work. Very little effort… NO "artistic" abilities needed… and the payoff is huge.

Discover the secrets to dazzling color-changing "Chameleon" paint... Double-Layered Marbelizing... "knee-deep" Candy Basecoats... perfectly even multi-lines of a speckled "Water Drop" special effect... sparkling "Metal Flake"... super cool aligator skin-like "Vreeble Crackle"... rich "Candy Fade" between two colors... a simple Card Masking trick for a wicked and dramatic "Kolidoscope" special FX... dramatic enamel "speckled accents"... easy and stunning airbrushed "Streaking Candy"... exactly how to mix, spray and cut "spray mask" to get a "splat" special FX... the easy way to get a "super-bright pearl" flame job... a simple "wham-bam" paint trick that uses two different basecoat colors and a simple flame stencil to add wild texture in minutes.

And a lot more. There's also a FREE "Dragon Fire" video and a cool "Tips To Setting Up Your Home Shop" audiotape both yours FREE even if you decide to return "Wicked and Wild" for a full refund.

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FIRESTORM: Larry Savi is considered to be a minor “god” in the deep “inner circles” of the customizing industry winning “First Place” finishes at the World of Wheels… National T-Bird Show… All Ford Show… the Good Guys Nationals… Heaven Drags & More… Greenway… BOP Annual Show… Class Run to the Pines… and dozens more!

In his brand-new video-set “Firestorm” you’ll learn… little known but powerful trick for “tri-layering” white pearl… prep secrets for any factory-ordered sheet-metal products… a stunning “rain drop” multi-colored ghost graphics… the one trick for color-checking your work to avoid screw-ups… a stunning “two-step” bright-orange pearl… a cool “transfer and flip” spray mask trick… “spray bondo” (very cool)… how to seal off the gas cap neck so you NEVER have to worry about gas “creeping” under your custom paint. And more… a LOT more! Watch it in the morning and start using it in the afternoon. Tons of body-paint and graphics tricks and tips from a true master that’s simple and easy to follow.

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RADICAL STENCIL DESIGNS: Almost all of today's custom work is being made with STENCILS. It's the "dirty little trick" customizers use to help guide them quickly and without worry through complex graphics. But of course the real "trick" is knowing HOW to use them.

This 3-tape, 3-1/2 hour video-set will teach you how to make your stencil work look free-hand -- including the simple "light source" concept... easy "hard-edge" blending tricks... defining your highlight, midtone, and shadow areas... and super-simple secrets to achieving 3-dimensional graphics using nothing more than a $10 airbrush and a flat set of stencils... how to use your three "positive cut" stencils and a simple pearl to make a dramatic ghost-skull in less than TWO MINUTES... how to create your own stencils using a common and inexpensive material... stencil design and "composition" tips that will help your overall design come together as tight as a jigsaw puzzle... simple wet sanding techniques... easy drop-shadows... producing stunning "background" ghost flames... what kinds of paints... how they're mixed... brand names... simple "insider" art and design tricks... flash and dry times... everything. There's a ton of material. It's compact, simple, and easy-to-learn. You'll ALSO receive a $60 set of "Skull-N-Flames" stencils FREE -- yours to keep.

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"Mojo Graphics" This 3-tape, 3-hour instruction is the "top-level" in complex graphics painting -- but what's stunning is that you do not have to be an "artist" or even know ANYTHING about auto and bike graphics to do this. In fact, the only thing you need to bring to the table is the strong desire to produce pro-level, awarding winning auto-and-bike graphics because Bob Kovacs walks you through the simple step-by-step "construction" of complex, multi-layered graphics. It's mega-advanced, intensive instruction that ANYONE can follow because it's presented in a simple step-by-step format. This amazing package comes with our solid gold 100% guarantee. If you don't like it, send it back and you'll be rushed every cent of your purchase price. PLUS... at the end of "Tape 3" you'll also receive the FREE 30-minute BONUS video "Ghost Flames" available to only a limited number of buyers who act now. This amazing footage shows you EXACTLY how to achieve "ghost images" quickly, without a lot of fuss... customizers around the world are going nuts over this one! This entire "Tape 3" (that's 90 minutes) is yours to KEEP even if you decide to return "Mojo Graphics" for a full refund.

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The "5 Simples Steps to Killer Graphics" is a 2-hour 2-tape video package that will teach you the well-guarded insider secrets to adding custom graphics to your car, truck, helmet, motorcycle, -- anything you want. Learn simple but advanced secrets to airbrushing, pin striping, masking, types of paints, and tons more. PLUS you'll get FREE the 50-minute "Wild Vinyl" video - where you'll learn the secrets to quickly tricking out your ride using inexpensive adhesive vinyl, AND the "Making Money with Customizing" audio tape that will give you "insider" tips on making money (lots of it) with your new customizing skills.

The entire package is 100% guaranteed - if you don't like it for any reason, simply send it back and we'll rush you every penny of your purchase price. But the "Wild Vinyl" video and the "Making Money" audio are both yours to keep FREE.

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"Advanced Pinstriping Secrets" is an incredible 2-tape video package will quickly teach you the simple (but highly advanced) secrets to painting flawless lines on hot rods and motorcycles. And it doesn't matter if you can draw a straight line or not -- this is easy once you know the secrets. Bob Kovacs teaches you critical tricks to perfect "smooth as butter" paint mix... exactly which brush will allow you to pull those long even lines... the easy "roll of the brush" method to beautiful curved lines (this one will bring tears to your eyes)... the cool "pressure trick" to acheiving paper thin lines and bold fat lines from the same "striper" brush (not hard once you know how)... 8 down-and-dirty "bread and butter" designs that look great and but only take minutes (stripers charge a fortune to do these -- and there's nothing to it!)... and tons more! This video package is the most complete pinstriping instruction anywhere on the planet and is a steal at $69. It will be shipped to you immediately and comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't like it, for any reason, send it back for a full refund of your purchase price. No questions, no hassles. This is a must-see for anyone serious about learning astonishing pro-level pinstriping secrets, and there's NO RISK to you.

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