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Finally... the simple "speed graphics" secrets for ANYONE... even raw beginners...
to produce complex graphics FAST and without worry...

They All Laughed
At His "Big Dreams" Of Custom Graphics...
Until He Blew Them Away
With His Wicked New Show-Quality Custom Ride!

...AND What Really Shocked Them Was That
It Was Completed Over a Weekend!

Now's YOUR Chance To Discover The 4 Simple Keys To "Quick N Dirty Graphics" ...
The "Insider" Secrets To Creating Award-Winning... "World-Class"...
Pro-Level Custom Art FAST and Without Hassles...
Even If You're A "Rookie" Beginner With NO "Art Experience At All!

BEST PART -- You Can See It All For FREE If You Want!

From:  "Jimbo" Curley
Prez, BAA Direct

Dear friend:

Poor Dave Alvarez was humiliated.

He had bragged to four different paint shops about the custom graphics "dream job" he had planned for his new Scion XB.

But when he revealed just how little money he had to spend -- and that he had NO "art" experience at all - they laughed in his face ... then practically threw him from the shop.

Well I can tell you...

These Jokers
Aren't Laughing Anymore.

Because days later Dave pulled up in radical custom-painted ride that made these experienced painters piss their pants! These guys were eating crow for weeks.

Not only did Dave have plenty money to complete his "dream job" - but he got a show-quality, full-body, custom graphics paint job completed over a weekend.

And I'm talking about start to finish... from design, to paint, all the way to final clearcoat. And the job ended up top quality. NO sloppy shortcuts... or skipping over critical steps... or shoddy workmanship. Nope... I'm talking about a total quality, pro-level graphics paint job that could win shows, attract the girls, and fling Dave's buddies...

Into Insane Fits
Of Jealousy!

Now Dave's truck is getting some serious attention (it's plastered on over a dozen websites and planned for three upcoming car and truck shows) and it tickled Dave to death that he was able to shock the hell out of seasoned custom pros who doubted that it could be done.

What's more is that Dave - who's NEVER worked on a custom job before in his life - admits the whole thing was easy!

Okay... so what's this got to do with you? Well... quite a bit. Because I want to show you the SAME step-by-step process that I personally taught to Dave.

I call it my "4 Keys To Quick N Dirty Graphics" DVD package and it's the secrets to working fast (and inexpensively) - even if the job's as BIG as Dave's Scion project.

Look... I've been into custom painting and graphics for 27 years . You may have read about (me and my little company) in industry publications like "Hot-Bike"... "Rod & Custom"... "American Iron"... "Iron Works"... "Popular Hot Rod"... "Street Rodder"...

And A Dozen Other
Highly Respected Car & Bike Magazines!

I've had the honor to learn from -- and rub elbows with -- some of the hottest painters on earth. Guys who worked for legends like George Barris ... hung out with "Big Daddy" Roth, Jessie James, and Boyd Coddington... painted "Silver Crown" cars for NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and the race cars of Ryan Newman and Mario Andretti ... and on and on.

Unfortunately old guys like us were forced to learn this craft from the school of "hard-knocks" - but not you. My instructional packages ensure that you'll NEVER be forced to go through what I did just to learn some simple custom painting secrets.

I've PROVED time after time that anyone can learn to airbrush and paint amazing graphics quickly!

Use this simple "4-Keys" system on cars, trucks, motorcycles, anything you want - it doesn't matter. The results are always the same - jaw dropping graphics in a few days while other custom "artists" are taking weeks -- even months -- to get the job done.

And like I said before, (and will keep saying ), I don't care if you've NEVER custom painted a thing in your life - this is a simple and easy-to-learn recipe for success. Perfect for anyone - even rookie beginners - interested in knowing the secrets to producing pro-level custom graphics fast and without fuss. And if you've got some experience in custom painting you'll want this even more. It's the key to getting...

More Attention... More Clients...
and More Money!

This "4-Keys" process (a perfect fit for the "mechanically" minded guy who isn't an "artist"), combines new cutting-edge graphic techniques... solid "project-quickening" secrets... and tons of advanced (but easy to learn) old-school illustration and airbrushing tricks.

And believe me, if a beginner like Dave picked up on this quick , it'll work for you too ! Whip out these amazing new secrets and friends, family -- even bitter rivals -- will be stunned, shocked and delighted with your new skills. And when the cash starts rolling in they'll swear you've made a pact with the devil himself.

Skeptical? Well that's okay... because I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is by letting you learn this "4-Keys" graphics process...

If You Choose!

There's even a very cool "Heavy Metal Special FXs" bonus that covers exactly how to create thick metallic-looking tribal graphics - one of the industry's hot money-makers right now. This "Heavy Metal Special FXs" bonus - worth $49 all by itself -- is yours FREE ... (and I'll tell you all about it in a minute).

So if you want to learn the pro secrets to painting custom graphics fast ... (Dave started with a plain-jane Scion on a Friday and was showing off his finished custom ride to amazed friends on Sunday - less than 3 days later)... inexpensively (this was all done with less than $100 worth of materials)... and with results that are 100% permanent, professional, and mind-blowing - then this is for you.

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover:

  • An astonishing tip to quickly developing an "illustrator's eye" for fast and easy design layout that takes just minutes when most guys are taking days... even weeks. Competitors will go nuts when they see one overjoyed client after another driving off phat rides from your shop.
  • The " design flip" trick that will have you exactly matching both sides of your design using a sheet of inexpensive "butcher paper". It's how the pros get artwork on either side of a car or bike to perfectly match the opposite side. It's a HUGE time-saver that's easy to do, once you know how it's done.
  • A simple "grid-pattern" lesson that will infuse drawing skills straight into your brain. It's what ALL professional illustrators and graphic artists paid big-money to learn in "art-college" - now this shortcut secret to killer drawing skills can be yours.
  • Why expensive equipment is NOT necessary. In fact this Scion was completed in a driveway with a minimum of equipment -- just to PROVE that wicked award-winning graphics doesn't require an expensive shop or tons of fancy equipment.
  • A very cool design trick to creating a perfect "fat-outline" around your graphics using nothing more than ¼" masking tape and a handful of simple secrets. This one trick will make the job look professional quickly and without effort - and shock the heck out of experienced designers! (They won't know HOW you did it!)
  • A simple method to quickly "transferring" a large format custom design onto a car, or truck (heck this'll even work on a semi) without special "art" skills. Perfect for the guy who's not an "illustrator" or can't even sketch a straight line. Killer results fast!
  • The dirty little secrets to minimizing masking and tapeout. This simple "roadmap" to project planning is one of the keys to completing even the most complex "high-dollar" graphics quickly and without all the hassles.
  • How to simply skip-over a "Stabilo Pencil" layout and go straight to tapeout - a trick that'll save you hours of drawing and cleanup work.
  • The secret "cushion" you can build into your job to make it all 100% "fool-proof" and risk free. Believe me... with this in place ALL the worry is eliminated so you can concentrate on making it look stunning.
  • A simple and quick masking-tape "layering" trick. You'll discover how to accurately airbrush a perfect "pinstripe" around your work without ever having to pick up a pinstriping "dagger" brush.
  • How to create a stunning "drop shadow" under your graphics without burning up time with extra tape-outs and masking. It's just another time-saving trick that'll have you slapping yourself upside the head with a huge "ah-ha" experience.
  • How to minimize and fix mistakes on the fly so that the final job looks FLAWLESS. Believe me... even the hottest pros on earth make mistakes - now you'll know exactly how they're fixing them quickly and without detection.
  • ALL the materials and equipment you'll need (and it's less expensive than you'd imagine)... which brands to use... how they're mixed... what you can get away with, (and what you can't)... and all the details about protecting your work-in-progress to ensure clean unblemished artwork while still moving along fast and furious (which is how the BIG money is made).

And more... a LOT more. Waaay too much for me to cover in this little letter. Stuff like the simple tips to dealing with paying clients to ensure that they'll be weeping with joy (and handing you wads of cash)... what you need to consider when painting flexible parts ... how to mix a "candy black " for subtle shading and drop shadows (most experts don't even know this one)... how to handle "stress points" in your layout tapes... dozens of "design simplification" tips that'll keep the graphics 100% manageable while still pulling-off a highly professional (and complex) look. NOBODY will believe you accomplished it in just a few days!

This intensive "4-Keys" DVD package is nearly 3-1/2 hours of solid instruction you won't find ANYWHERE else.

And like I said, you'll ALSO receive a FREE bonus called "Heavy Metal Special FXs". This one will thrill you to the bone - a step-by-step process for creating wicked tribal-style graphics that look like thick "brushed" metal.

You'll quickly discover:

  • A simple "overlapping" trick that ensures no paint bleed and a "butted edge" tip to maintaining even lines without lifting.
  • A "double up" masking trick (easy to do) that is the key to creating beefy thick edges - (a simple trick absolutely necessary to pull off this Heavy Metal special effect).
  • How a simple "separation candy" (advanced stuff here) will create a critical difference between highlight, midtone, and shadow areas. Doesn't look like much until the jobs unmasked to gasps of sheer joy.
  • Why a graphics "light source" MUST come from above and to the left or right. This is critical art-training that other "artists" paid college-tuition to get their hands on!
  • Tips to keeping complex masking problems easy, manageable and simple to understand so that there's NEVER any confusion. (No worries - we walk you through it all step-by-step).
  • The expert way to shading a curved edge (can be tricky if you don't know the secret). It's yet another simple trick that's fast but makes a huge difference in the end.
  • How a 2-cent piece of chipboard can produce a hard "beveled edge" for a finished forged-metal appearance. Takes a couple seconds but looks like a million bucks.

And tons more. This "heavy-metal" is just one more big-dollar special effect that I want you to add to your "bag of tricks". You can pull this one off in a few short hours, but nobody will believe it! If your goal is to get "up to speed" and create stunning graphics as quickly as possible - this one does it.

Okay... here's what you need to do now: Click on the buy button below:

Use your credit card and order online right now. It's fast and completely safe. Or, if you'd rather talk with an operator, call my office right away, while you're still reading this. The TOLL-FREE number is:

Ask For "Dept. FK-77"

Tell the operator that you want the " 4-Keys" graphics package. Use your credit card. The purchase price is just $97 (plus $5 S&H) - an awesome deal considering that you're getting 3-1/2 hours of cutting-edge tricks, tips, and shortcuts to amazing money-making custom graphic secrets.

If you'd rather pay by check or money order ($97 plus $5 S&H: total $102), just send your payment (payable to BAA Direct) to : BAA Direct, Dept. FK-77, 4741 Madison Ave., Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95841.

Either way, you'll be rushed the "4 Keys To Quick N Dirty Graphics" and the "Heavy Metal Special FXs" bonus footage right away. Best part is that it's all completely RISK FREE for you because I'm backing it all up with my usual insanely-generous guarantee. That means you'll receive...

One Full YEAR
To Check This Out.

Watch it... learn it... then use it to impress the girls or make some serious money ... fast. If after 12 full months you're not 100% happy for ANY reason -- even NO reason -- just send the package back and I'll personally refund every penny of your purchase price... no questions asked... no hassles either.

This means you can see it all for FREE if you choose. I'm not worried about it one bit. I want to make sure that you -- one of my most favored "hotlist" customers -- have got plenty of time to sink your teeth into this.

But no matter what you later decide... I want you to...

Keep The "Heavy Metal Special FXs"
As My FREE Gift To You!

It's almost 45 minutes of some very cool graphics instruction that's worth $49 all by itself. You'll LOVE this - and I want you to have it for trusting me on this deal.

But it's a generous "giveaway" that won't last long - which means you need to act right now.

Here's why. I've included this free "Heavy Metal Special FXs" footage in just enough packages to cover my "hotlist" - which means there's only 188 of these bonus packages to go around.   As a "hotlist" member, I will hold yours for exactly 11 days .

After 11 days, I'll assume that you're just not interested and pass your "4 Keys To Quick and Dirty Graphics" package with your free "Heavy Metal Special FXs" bonus to the next "hotlist" customer down the line. So please... even if you're just curious, call right now. You've got nothing to lose.


 Prez, BAA

P.S. Just a recap. Call 1-888-665-6961 now and you'll receive my NEW "4 Keys To Quick and Dirty Graphics" DVD set AND that cool FREE "Heavy Metal Special FXs" bonus -- nearly 3-1/2 total hours of cutting-edge custom paint secrets. It's all risk free -- meaning you can return the package for a full and prompt refund. But the "Heavy Metal" footage is yours to keep no matter what! I've got a full package under your name for the next 11 days. After that I'll be forced to pass your package and free stuff along. Don't let that happen... call or click on the button now!

P.P.S. Oh... and check what guys who KNOW are saying:

"Not only are your videos easy to follow, but the way you take the time to show the products you use and where to get them from is great! No other video ever gave that much complete information. I've won two local bike shows for best paint. Awesome!" -- Bruce Battles (Battles' Zone Grafix), East Granby, CT.

"My father passed away and left me his Harley Sportster and I have decided to custom paint dad's Harley. I am absolutely thrilled with your DVDs.   I sincerely appreciate it." -- Ed Costa, York, PA.

"Good stuff - very helpful and insightful!" --   Zeke Varela, (Quick Sand Graphics), Corvina, CA.

"Very very good! Love the way it's put together easy to understand and your not talking down to us or using super fancy stuff. The instructions and how-to is fantastic! Can't thank you enough!" -- Darren James Fullick, Middlesex, England

"I want to personally thank you. I am in the process of opening my own auto custom shop and a great big thanks goes out to you from me." - Brad Anderson, Dallas, TX.

"I love your videos." - Richard Scoope, Poughkeepsie, AR.

"I recommend you to all of my custom painting car buddies - and thanks for your great customer service!" -- Dean Guccione, Norco, CA

"This is a wealth of knowledge - and I've been painting for awhile! Best regards!" - Mack, Custom Painter, Florida

"I am an artist just starting out... and I find huge inspiration from those that have had the dream and made it happen!  Thanks. I am going to keep going and keep trying to make this happen".  - Gina Jones, Maryland.

"I'm very well pleased. The information that has already answered a lot of questions for me. Thanks again!" - Freddy Trull, Stanley, NC

"I love your video" -- Ward Frahler, Elizabeth Town, KY.

"I've been painting for 18 year now and I'm always looking for  something to stay ahead of the competition. I've been to airbrush seminars where there is 1or 2 instructors and 30 people in the class. You don't get the one-on-one instructions that you need. But that's not the case with your videos. It's like one-on-one training in your living room. Plus you use layman terms when you explain stuff to us. I've used your videos to keep me ahead and made some extra money doing so. Thank again!" -- Donny Nelson, Colorado

  "I love the videos... a lot of tricks to save time and money. It's all well explained with a lot of information!" -- Gino Morin, St. George, Quebec.

"The videos are awesome!" -- D. Danitz, Las Vegas.

"It's all true!!   I left my job at an insurance company and started painting with your help. The video teaching has been perfect. All I did was follow the rules and never have to redo a job. Perfect every time. Thanks Jimbo!!!" -- Miguel Rivera-Vargas, Puerto Rico.

"A truck load of info. Keep me on your hot-list!" -- Ray Meckel, Pleasanton, Texas.

"Thanks Jimbo... I love the videos!!!  The information is great and helps not to make mistakes while learning new things - which is how I used to learn.  Your library is the only ones out visible in my collection because I watch them over and over again. You make it and I'll buy it. I get better every time! Thanks again bro." -- D. Smart, New York.

"The courses I've gotten from you already have been great. The custom paint jobs I've done have turned out so good that people can't believe I just started doing this!"
-- Steve Hildreth, Richardson, Texas.

"I've been using what I learned to do some paint jobs and all who have seen it said it looks very professional. Thanks!"
-- Arthur Casnellie, Grove Port, Ohio.

Wowza! I've found this to be "The MOST" informative and well done set. Thanks for such good stuff. My wife and daughter have become more and more impressed with my Art/Antics in the Garage let alone the flow of Franklin$ which keep showing up in their purses! Thanks!"
-- AC "Tony" Dettra, Tucson, Arizona.

"I designed and built a bike -- then painted it using your videos. Awesome! I was taking art classes and felt like I was throwing money into a black hole! Your video's showed some neat stuff on painting tricks." -- M. Manuszak, St. Clair, Michigan.

"Impressive... the tapes are great! Keep up the great work!" -- R. Castillo, Grand Prairie, Texas.

"Right after quitting my job, I ordered your videos.   Your videos have helped me go into custom bike painting full time.   I'm making some of the 'big money' you mentioned and owe a big thanks to your videos.   Keep the videos coming." -- B. Morris, Oklahoma City.

"Excellent tapes! Keep the paint flowin!" -- R. Dalesio, Norwalk, Connecticut.

"I thoroughly enjoyed your videos and am getting ready to spray a flame job -- the first time at 60 years old have I had the courage to tackle a project of this magnitude. Thank you!" -- C. Hawkins, Portsmith, New Hamshire

"I have all your videos and I think they're the best out there." -- C. Huey, Twin Lakes, Minnesota.

"Thank you very much for letting these 'secrets' out of the bag. One guy kept telling me that I should get a 'real' job, not this paint stuff.  Little did he know, that I was working about 20 hours total, (by choice), and still taking in about 3 times what this bozo was making at 40 plus hours per week.  He eventually figured it out when he saw I had more 'toys' than he did. Your information videos are just the right ticket that I have been seeking for many years. Thanks again!" -- T. McDaniel, Lake Havasu, Arizona.

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I have watched the tapes a few times and learn something every time. I am very much inspired. Please keep up the great work you are doing for us poor old beginners." -- R. Huggy, Munsie, Indiana.

"I know you said you'd would refund my money -- but forget it !    You could offer me ten times that much and I would not part with this videoset!" -- D. Mayhall, Davenport, Oklahoma.

"Top quality - just like everything else I have bought from you." -- E. McMayon, Spring, Texas.

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