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This NEW simple system will suddenly
have your custom paint work competing with ANY of the "big dogs"…

Cutting Edge Paint-And-Graphics System
Finally Revealed
By Respected "Underground" Bike-Builder.

Finally See This Simple... Easy-To-Learn... and Low-Cost
Custom-System In Action… Shown Step-By-Step On TWO Bad-Ass Harleys!
And The Best Part… You Can See It All For FREE If You Choose _ GUARANTEED!

By Jimbo Curley, Prez, BAA

Dear Friend:

Well… I've done it again. And no doubt you're going to thank me for it.

You see, I've got a brand NEW custom-paint-and-graphics "quick-learn" program that's going to open up a whole new world for you. If you're into custom paint-and-graphics, this will change your life _ forever. I'm not kidding. Please… read on.

Because I've just finished producing over 3-1/2 hours of easy-to-follow instruction that will show you (step-by-step) a PROVEN custom painting system using TWO complete Harleys. Cutting edge prep tips… paint tricks… "high dollar" graphics secrets… and a lot more… from beginning to end. Nothing is left out.

I call it "Mega Custom Paint Secrets" and it's going to blow you away. It's an astonishingly simple, easy-to-learn system that true custom car-and-bike lovers would give their eye-teeth to learn. But for you… a valued "hotlist" customer of mine…

I Want To Let You
See It All FREE If You Choose.

I even have a FREE "Shop Talk" video for you just for checking out my "Mega Custom Paint Secrets". It covers all kinds of things you'll need to know about working on cycles. It's worth $49, but for you it's FREE... but more about your free stuff in a minute.

Here's what's going on: My little company has been building a great reputation for honest "no bull" custom paint instruction for some years now. We keep it all simple and easy-to-learn — stripping away the nonsense and giving YOU nothing but the solid info you'll need for "real world" custom paint-and-graphics.

There's NO "artistic" double talk… no puffed-up "big-shots" trying to confuse you... no "skipping-over" critical info… nope. Just straight-forward useful instruction that you'll be able learn quickly… then use to impress friends… get instant credibility… or to simply rake in some extra cash. This no-nonsense approach is the only reason world-class custom painters will have anything to do with me and my company.

Now understand that over the years I've been able to make "deep contacts" inside of the world of custom paint-and-graphics. Many of these painters are busy producing show bikes and cars… making BIG money... and unfortunately...

Are Completely Unwilling To EVER Give-Up
Their Simple Custom Secrets

They hang onto them like a hungry dog on a bone.

But I've recently had a major breakthrough. You see, I convinced a super-respected world-class custom painter to show YOU his simple "fool-proof" custom paint-and-graphics system. His name is Mike Lynch.

Now you've probably never heard of Mike _ but big-shot bike, car and truck customizers sure have. He's well-known in the inner circles of this industry for doing world-class, mind-blowing, custom bike-building, paint and graphics. He's been doing it all for nearly 35 years from his little Northend Choppers shop in Central California.

This guy has more knowledge about custom paint-and-graphics than just about anyone else on the planet. You've no doubt seen his work in most of the industry's biggest truck, car-and-bike magazines. He's "hands-on" built and custom-painted literally thousands of one-of-a-kind jobs, including NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon's "Silver Crown" cars… the race cars of Ryan Newman's… wicked custom cycles for the biggest biker clubs in the world (yes, including bikes for the Hell's Angels)… seventeen "Ultra-Custom" bikes for Easy Rider, (including the now-famous flame job on the land-speed world-record holder "Stream Liner")… and on and on. I could go on for miles here.

Mini-cars… go-carts… race bikes… show bikes… airplanes — the list is endless. He's personally owned 55 bikes (nearly all Harleys) and custom-painted every single one of them. Believe me…

Mike Lynch Has Breathed More Overspray
Than Most Other Custom Painters
Have Ever Shot Through A Gun.

But here's the thing. I'll admit I was a little intimidated to ask Mike to reveal his secrets. You've got to understand that he's a hardened biker with a loyal pit-bull name "Buster" always at his side. So c'mon… gimmie a break. Asking him to give-away his most treasured custom secrets on camera seemed suicidal.

But that's exactly what I did.

Because my job… my current station in life… my entire reason for being in this business… is to get YOU the best info from the hottest painters available. So I walked straight into Northend Choppers and asked Mike for his help.

Well "Buster" didn't bite me… I didn't get thrown out on my ear… and it so happens that Mike was glad to help out. Sure, he's been known to throw a paint gun or two against the wall _ but it's not for show and he doesn't do it for TV ratings. He's a decent guy running a busy custom shop that's pumping out some of the hottest, most sought-after work anywhere. This is now YOUR chance to finally discover… step by step… exactly how a small unassuming shop like Northend Choppers creates world-class custom paint-and-graphics.

Now before I get carried away and start calling Mike a "nice guy", let's get one thing clear. He is definitely not some cheery "Hollywood" pinky-ring-wearing hot-shot... he's not sipping Mi-Tie's from a "director's" chair while some "behind-the-scenes" crew does all the work... and he does not own a multi-million-dollar shop -- no way.

This guy's a hard-working blue collar American running an efficient, low cost, super-productive money-making shop. He likes to get his hands dirty and enjoys customizing from the trenches and building bikes from the ground up _ hands-on. Welding, bending metal, building motors _ the whole thing.

But here's what'll interest YOU most. Mike's passion… his specialty… what he's known for and what he'll be teaching YOU… is custom paint-and-graphics. There's only a handful of guy in the world that understand how to pull-off this kind of mega-clean custom work from a small shop like Northend Choppers _ and it's why people around the globe come to Mike. They know about his total dedication to the work. It will get it done on time… on budget… and it's guaranteed to…

Look Better Than ANY
Custom Work From The
Hollywood "Pretty-Boy" Shops.

It's why Mike makes the BIG bucks. And trust me -- follow his simple system and you will too.

Here's just a taste of what you'll learn:

  • How to achieve a perfect "Mad Dog" marbleized candy red (all done on an bad-ass Harley FXD owned by a California Hell's Angels). See Mike use his entire system -- from ground up -- through silver-white marbleizing (very cool) and urethane candy red. This stunning "show-quality" paint job is worth thousands, but seeing exactly how it's done _ step by step _ is priceless.
  • How to make complex letter-painting look like child's play. End result is high-dollar pro lettering that requires ZERO "art" skills. (You'll learn the trick to using your local sign shop for inexpensive "computer cut" masks). This one will stun and amaze you!
  • How to get a beautiful deep urethane purple candy paint job. Mike takes you all the way through "the process" _ from stripping, primer and guide coat, through basecoat, candy purple and violet pearl. Learn his simple and highly effective system on the tanks and fenders of a "Fat Boy" Harley. It's your rare chance to see an entire show-quality candy paint job from the ground up.
  • How to paint something to look exactly like reflective chrome... quick and simple lessons to airbrushing starbursts… simple landscapes... beveled edged lettering… and a lot more. Believe me… you DON'T need to know anything about art. We walk you through it all to make it easy.
  • The three simple ways to remove old paint from your project. Learn when you can get away with a quickie DA sanding -- and when it's absolutely necessary to completely strip away ALL old paint to bare metal. Mike spells it all out so that even a raw beginner can easily get it right.
  • A simple "two-step" letter painting technique. Wham-bam and suddenly you have a professional lettering job that you never dreamed possible. (The amazing thing is that so few custom painters know about this simple trick.)
  • How to get a perfect outline around your lettering and graphics without having to know a single thing about pinstriping. This one lesson will instantly give you the chops of a hot-shot graphics painter and suddenly fling open a whole new door of income for you.
  • An inexpensive non-toxic "miracle" cleaner that's a critical element in Mike's system. (It's available at any supermarket). Stick with this to quickly get any surface free of dreaded silicones and contaminates to virtually eliminate "fisheyes".
  • How to expertly repair tank dings and flaws for a perfect surface that'll NEVER wave. Mike shows you exactly which materials to use... how to use them... and every step required to make an imperfect surface look flawless _ fast.
  • The "three-step" primer-surfacer method to getting a perfectly smooth "single-level" surface -- the first key to beautiful "show quality" work. Watch and learn -- and you'll easily sidestep virtually 99% of "imperfection" headaches for a "smooth as glass" flawless basecoat color.
  • How to use a "hobby" 115-volt mig welder and a simple hand punch to remove mounting holes and rivets for a perfectly finished custom look. Trust me… even a beginner can do this — you don't need to be some hotshot welder.
  • "Realistic" airbrush and shading tips that'll suddenly make you look like an experienced "artist" fast, (without spending years in "art" school learning about poetry and dead French painters).
  • A simple trick to getting all paint _ including primer, basecoat, and clearcoat to lay down flat as granite. You'll suddenly and easily melt-away "pebbles" and orange peel like magic.
  • Dozens of tips to avoid sagging paint, wrinkling, checking, and solvent popping. Learn in minutes what it took most custom painters YEARS of agony to discover. Mike's simple system will instantly move you to the "front of the line".
  • Why you DON'T need to know a thing about computers to have inexpensive complex graphic masks cut for you. Ask just two simple questions of your local sign shop to receive easy-to-use masks and stencils (made in minutes for less than $10) to paint stunning custom graphics.
  • Pro-level spray techniques — including tips on psi, fan spread, overlapping coverage, prep between coats, and a LOT more tricks (too many to mention here), that'll make you look like a pro straight out of the gate.
  • Discover a brand NEW non-adhesive "cling-wrap" masking material that works like crazy without gumming up your surface with sticky adhesive. It's clean, fast and easy and is perfect for unusual shapes (like a gas tank).
  • Exactly how to mix, spray and "saran wrap" your marbleizing for a wicked "crater and woodgrain" graphic. Mike explains it all in a simple down to earth way — no confusing bull here.
  • How to mix, catalyze and spray a urethane candy red over your marbleizing -- and what you MUST do before top-coating your marbleizing with any other color. Follow along closely and you'll easily pull-off this "four stage" Mad Dog Candy Red paint job with NO special "art" skills at all. Mind blowing results with very little effort.

And tons more. Over 3-1/2 hours of intensive info. Exactly what temperature your "reducers" need to be to get your basecoats and clears to "bite" properly… a simple "transfer" material that makes applying even wildly complex computer cut masking a breeze... the trick to making letters look like beefy "heavy metal"... how to use just five easy-to-get basecolors to mix ANY color you need... why adjusting your gun during a candy paint job can ruin your work. how to create a super-cool "faded edge" graphics FAST… which brands to use and exactly how to mix and apply them… how to quickly add highlights, midtones, and shadows for stunning 3-D results… and on and on. I simply can't cover it all here. There's too much.

But the best part is that there's no fancy-dancy expensive equipment required or impossible to find materials. Mike keeps it all easy and inexpensive. You'll be amazed to discover how this simple system can quickly produce world-class results _ without a lot of money.

Because as a businessman, Mike knows what it's like to work with budgets. Sure, he's making good coin, but NOBODY hands him a blank check. So he keeps the cost of every project down by using his PROVEN paint-and-graphics system. Nothing but inexpensive equipment… a few tricks… some elbow grease… and quality materials to ensure he won't be doing anything twice.

This Simple And Easy-To-Learn System
Is A Recipe For Success.

Okay… so "Mega Custom Paint Secrets" is NOT a Hollywood production... it's not directed by some famous Tinsel Town big-wig... and let's face it -- Mike is not some soap-opera star. He's a bad dude with a bad attitude and a lot of tattoos.

But so what. This "bootleg-style" video was shot on quality digital cameras right inside Northend Choppers. Mike's instruction is world-class, which means in just a few short hours you'll know everything about his "fool-proof" custom paint-and-graphic system. He's direct, explains everything clearly, and believe me… the only way you're getting these secrets from the Hollywood pretty-boy crowd is to start pulling caps off their teeth. Mike, on the other hand, lays it all out there for you. It's exciting "real world" stuff that you'll want to see right away.

Here's how you can get this now: Click on the "Buy" button below right now. Use your credit card. It's all encrypted and perfectly safe (actually, it's more secure than using a credit card at your favorite restaurant). The price is just $97 _ an absolute bargain considering that Mike's literally handing you his treasured custom system on a silver platter. Your package is here now, and will be rushed out to you immediately.

Or, if you want to talk to an operator, simply call my office right away. The TOLL-FREE number is:


Tell the operator that you want Mike Lynch's "Mega Custom Paint Secrets". Again -- use your credit card.

If you'd rather pay by check or money order ($97 plus $5 shipping and handling: total $102), just send your payment (payable to BAA Direct) to:

BAA Direct, Dept MC-77
4741 Madison Ave., Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95841-2506

It's all available on DVD disc or VHS videotape (same price) -- the choice is yours. Like I said, no matter how you pay, your "Mega Custom" package will be rushed to you immediately.

But I want to make this completely RISK FREE for you by putting ALL the risk on my own shoulders. So I'm giving you…

One Full YEAR
To Check This Out.

That's right… one year! If after 12 full months you're not 100% happy for ANY reason — even NO reason — simply send it back and I'll personally refund every penny of your purchase price… no questions askedno hassles either. You won't find another company in this industry that stands behind their products like this. It's your chance to see it all for FREE if you choose. As a valued "hotlist" member, I totally trust your judgment on this.

But WAIT… I've got something more for you. Like I mentioned earlier, I've also got a fascinating info-packed video called "Mike's Shop Talk". It's a full 40-minutes of footage packed with all kinds of simple and easy tips to working on bikes. Stuff like removing fuel tanks and fenders… what kind of "stand" you should consider when working on a cycle (and it's NOT your kick stand)… temporary "pinch-offs" to avoid fuel line spills… wiring "clamp down" tips… and a LOT more. You'll absolutely LOVE this… but the thing you'll like most is that…

This "Shop Talk" Video Footage
Is Yours To KEEP _ Absolutely FREE.

As I said, normally I'd sell this for at least $49 _ but it's yours FREE just for giving the "Mega Custom Secrets" a test-drive. Consider it a gift from me _ yours to keep even if you later decide to return the rest of the package for a full and prompt refund. It's a generous offer _ but you need to act now.

You see _ I've added this special "Shop Talk" footage to only a limited number of packages _ 188 to be exact. I figured this will exactly cover my "hotlist" guys. And since you are indeed a "hotlist" member, I will hold yours for exactly 11 days.

After 11 days, I'll assume that you're just not interested and pass your free "Shop Talk" package along to the next in line. No worries _ I've already got plenty of people asking me for it, so it won't go to waste. But if you're interested, please call right away.


Prez, BAA

P.S. Just a recap. Call 1-888-665-6961 right now and receive the "Mega Custom Paint Secrets" package… a ONE YEAR no-risk guarantee… and your FREE "Shop Talk" bonus video footage. The bonus is yours to keep no matter what. But if I don't hear from you in the next 11 days, I'll pass your freebie along. So if you're interested at all, call now, okay? You risk nothing... but have everything to gain.

P.P.S. Oh… and listen to what other custom painters who KNOW are saying:

"Excellent tapes! Keep the paint flowin!"
— R. Dalesio, Norwalk, CT

"Right after quitting my job, I ordered your videos. Your videos have helped me go into custom bike painting full time. I'm making some of the `big money' you mentioned and owe a big thanks to your videos. Keep the videos coming."
-- B. Morris, Oklahoma City, OK

"Impressive… the tapes are great! Keep up the great work!"
— R. Castillo, Grand Prairie, TX

"Thank you very much for letting these `secrets' out of the bag. One guy kept telling me that I should get a `real' job, not this paint stuff.  Little did he know, that I was working about 20 hours total, (by choice), and still taking in about 3 times what this bozo was making at 40 plus hours per week.  He eventually figured it out when he saw I had more `toys' than he did. Your information videos are just the right ticket that I have been seeking for many years. Thanks again!"
— T. McDaniel, Lake Havasu, AZ

"The DVD's are just full of info. The way he explains things is simple and also very informative. He has the knack of making any dill understand. The BAA newsletter is also very helpful as well."
— J. Mercaldi, Melbourne, Australia

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I have watched the tapes a few times and learn something every time. I am very much inspired by your tapes and newsletter. Please keep up the great work you are doing for us poor old beginners."
— R. Huggy, Munsie, Indiana

"Top quality _ just like everything else I have bought from you."
— E. McMayon, Spring, TX

"I thoroughly enjoyed your videos and am getting ready to spray a flame job — the first time at 60 years old have I had the courage to tackle a project of this magnitude. Thank you!"
— C. Hawkins, Portsmith, NH

"I have all your videos and I think they're the best out there. Can't wait for your next one."
C. Huey, Twin Lakes, MN

"I know you said you'd would refund my money — but forget it ! You could offer me ten times that much and I would not part with this videoset!"
— D. Mayhall, Davenport, OK

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