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"With These Amazing Graphic Arts Secrets I Will Make You Look Like A Friggin' Genius..."

Twelve NEW... Simple… Inexpensive… and Easy-To-Learn" Big Money" Airbrushing And Special FXs SecretsGuaranteed To Make You Look Like A Hot-Shot Graphic Artist -- OVERNIGHT!

… And You'll Get The "Advanced Airbrushing Secrets" Video Package, (Worth $49) --
As A FREE Gift... Yours To Keep!

From: Jimbo Curley
Prez, BAA Direct

To: E-Hotlist Member

Dear Friend:

First of all… you don't have to be some college-educated "artist" to render and illustrate like a pro… paint wild special FXs… or airbrush as "realistically" as a photograph — and make wads of money doing it. The secrets have nothing to do with being an artist. And it certainly has nothing to do with being "born" with any natural abilities.

In fact - you WILL be airbrushing… illustrating… and painting stunning special FXs that are certain to shock and delight everyone - and you'll learn to do it all quickly. Because having "art" skills… or an "eye" for illustration… or even the ability to airbrush a straight line doesn't matter a single bit anymore.

Right now I've got a BRAND NEW videoset I call "Vivid Special FXs" that will show you a dozen cutting-edge airbrushing… illustration… and special FXs guaranteed to rocket your auto-and bike-graphics skills to pro-level. Watch it all today... and use it tomorrow!

What you're about to discover in this Vivid quick-learn package simply eliminates every single physical and mental "barrier" you have (or thought you had) when it comes to producing "high-dollar" professional graphics. You can have zero skill in art, airbrushing, and creativity - and still…

You'll Get The Recognition… Respect… And BIG Money
Of Today's HOTTEST Graphic Artists.

Don't believe it? Well that's okay. Just check out what beginners who've actually used my instructional packages are saying on the next few pages of this letter. These are real people - most of whom had NO experience. And there's a LOT more -- these are only the guys willing to let me plaster their names and faces in my letter. They wanted YOU to know it can be done — that you CAN do this.

Still don't believe it? Well again, that's okay too since I'm making it all RISK FREE for you. I'm putting all the risk on my own shoulders. You don't like it, you don't have to keep it.

PLUS I'll even give you a very cool free bonus - "Advanced Airbrushing Secrets" - just for checking this out. It's about to hit the world market for $49 - but it's yours to KEEP no matter what. This videoset is packed with super-charged airbrush illustration… rendering… and color mixing tricks. All hyper-advanced stuff - yet easy-to-learn and simple. It's pure gold - and there's one set aside in your name for the next 11 days.

But more about your free video in a minute.

Here's what's going on: Larry Savi will be your instructor for these 12 new special effects. I defy you to come up with someone who's more willing to spill "big-dollar" industry secrets than Larry. He's fast becoming a "hero" to all new guys in the custom paint and graphics world because he could give a damn about "industry secrets". In fact customizers all over the world are making a good living with these secrets and...

They'd Like Nothing More
Than For Larry To Keep His Mouth Shut!

But forget it. You want to know it - and Larry's willing to show you. It's that simple.

Larry is known in underground circles as a "mad scientist" - using his home shop as a kind of "Frankenstein Lab" to figure out every single new customizing, paint and graphics product that hits the market. Mixing… spraying… experimenting with different looks and colors. Believe me, if it's out there, Larry has figured out how to spray it and make it look amazing.

In fact… million-dollar paint companies have been using Larry for years to test their new products. They know he's a straight shooter who's brutally honest and can't be "bought off" by the competitors. That's rare these days - and these big-shots know it. Larry runs their products through his grueling shop tests and if it doesn't live up to all they say it does — forget it. Back to square one for them. Even better - Larry has stunned the hell out some manufacturers by discovering new ways to use their product that never even occurred to them.

But Larry's certainly not just some "lab geek". No way, he's been busy in the real-world of custom rides. In fact, over the last 25 years he's practically sweat blood by hand-restoring over 4,000 custom jobs. His work has received "First Place" finishes at the World of Wheels… National T-Bird Show… All Ford Show… the Good Guys Nationals… Heaven Drags & More… Greenway… BOP Annual Show… Class Run to the Pines… "Special Invitation" to the 2002 Fresno "Autorama"... and a lot more.

Larry is simply one of the finest "hands-on" specialty customizers on earth today - and his work regularly proves it by landing "Best of Class"… "First Place"… and "Best of Show" time after time… after time.

Okay… so what does all have to do with YOU. Well actually a lot. Because Larry now…

Wants To Show YOU… Step-By-Step… How To Achieve
Twelve Of Today's Hottest Special FXs!

Like I said — it's all BRAND NEW… cutting-edge… easy-to-use "quick-learn" custom painting secrets guaranteed to thrill the heck out of you. Here's just a taste of what you'll discover in this "Vivid Special FXs" package:

  • Exactly how to use the new "MirraChrome" paint. Looks identical to real chrome and bikers and hot-rodders everywhere are going wild for this new stuff. Very few people know how to use it (most custom shops don't even have a clue) -- but now you'll know. It's a simple (but advanced) paint that requires NO special equipment - just a few key tricks. A great way for inexpensive "chrome jobs" that will have your customers gawking in amazement.
  • A weird "Crystal FXs" masking material that makes your basecolor look like frozen shards of ice. Weird stuff that people just can't stop looking at. You've got to see this to believe it. Apply it thicker or heat it with a hair dryer for all kinds of different "crystal" FXs. It's easy to use, (once you see how), and it adds yet another "high dollar" special effects into your arsenal of tricks.
  • Four absolutely amazing "pearl" special FXs demonstrated over TWO different basecoats. You'll see a wicked color-changing "Flair Tint Violet" pearl… an "Iridescent Bright Red" FX for an astonishingly rich and glowing magenta pearl… a "Gem Turquoise " that flops like crazy from bright green to deep blue-green… and a "Sparkle Purple" FX that shines purple and silver one direction, then becomes subtle, (almost transparent), in the other. Totally amazing. All four are water-based, which means they're inexpensive... easy-to-use... and a hell of a lot of fun. These FXs will make you look good fast - even if you have ZERO experience.
  • An astonishing "tie-dyed" color match all demonstrated on a racing helmet. Larry takes you all the way through this project - from primer-surfacer… guide coat… basecoat… color matching… wild multi-colored airbrushing effects… metal flake highlighting… and final clear and polish. You'll discover step-by-step how to take a damaged plain helmet and turn it into a valuable show piece with very little effort. The trick is knowing HOW it's done.
  • How to use a "high-build" primer and three simple basecolors to create a classic "Granite Special FX". Larry shows you a very cool secret to making your HVLP gun "spit" a rugged "pebble-stone" pattern (without making a mess) - critical for making it all look like stone. You'll be amazed at how quickly and easily you'll be able to pull off this ever-popular "cracked-rock" FX.
  • Airbrush rendering speed-mixing tricks that makes "big-money" illustration jobs go quickly and smoothly. This one trick will save you hours… even days… allowing you to easily "see" and mix ANY color you choose on the fly. Don't let the "artists" fool you - color matching is simple once you know the secrets.
  • A multi-colored "overlapping flame" effect will have you creating dozens of wild colors from just three simple transparent colors. Simple to do - amazing results.
  • How a simple "clear and color-sand" secret will keep your graphic color-layers flat and amazingly clean for a neat and finished appearance. It's an easy trick that will have you eliminating ugly "highlight lines" in your graphics -- a secret that'll make even seasoned professionals recognize your work as being top-notch.
  • How to develop your own "mix and clean routine" for airbrushing complex multi-color renderings quickly. Following along closely, and you'll discover how to airbrush so clean and fast it will mean the difference between an illustration taking a couple hours - or a couple months. It's that powerful.

And more. You'll see dozens of "insider" tips and tricks to make all the FX painting and airbrushing turn out looking professional while still working fast. Things like:

  • Which "cup" you'll want to use on your double action airbrush for superior results with complex airbrush illustration… when "jars" are preferable… and when you'll want to use a single action airbrush. You'll suddenly know as much about airbrush equipment as any pro artist.
  • Four simple methods to easily "erasing" any airbrushing and paint mistakes. This will ensure that your work looks perfect while allowing you to work fast without the burden of complex over-masking.
  • A simple "color-triangle" drill that will allow you to use just three "primary" colors and black and white to mix ANY color quickly -- a must for "realistic" airbrushing rendering.
  • The FIVE biggest mistakes new graphic artists make when painting cars and motorcycles. Knowing these will help you avoid a LOT of trouble and lost time.
  • All you'll need to know about hot and cold weather chemicals and what temperature range you MUST work in to avoid adhesion and hardening disasters. This knowledge will keep you "in the gold" for perfect results everytime.
  • How to use a "complimentary" color to quickly and easily create the exact color you need. It's perfect trick for fast-track creation of difficult to mix skin tones and other "natural" colors. This one secret alone is worth double the cost of this entire video
  • A critical but very easy "fine-line" tape trick to getting sharp and flat edges on your graphics. This one trick will literally save you hours of wet sanding.

And a lot more. Precisely which spray guns you'll need for applying primer, basecoats, clearcoats, and candies… which "Adhesion Promoter" to use on metal and which to use on plastic for a permanent surface bond… how to work with fiberglass "tank-blanks" (perfect for displaying your artwork)… the ONE exception to the "scratch coat" rule… when you want to use a "rapid" air-dry clear, and when you don't… how to apply "double wet" coats for a thicker build... and all the details about material mixing, reducing, spraying, flash times, dry times, top coating, and polishing. I mean everything. Larry doesn't leave you "guessing" about a thing.

This "Vivid Special FX" package is HUGE - nearly 3-1/2 hours of rock solid instruction. Nothing is left to chance. It's all step-by-step, explained clearly, and demonstrated in detail right before your very eyes. It's an astonishingly complete package that you won't find anywhere else.

Here's what you need to do now: Click the "Buy Now" button below and I'll rush ship you this package immediately. You can use your credit card. Everything is encrypted and safe-guarded, so there's no need to worry. In fact, because NOBODY has access to your personal info, ordering here is actually a lot safer than using a credit card at your local restaurant.

But if you'd rather talk with one of my operators, you can call my office right away. The TOLL-FREE number is:

Ask For "Dept. VS-77"

Tell the operator that you want Larry Savi's "Vivid Special FXs". Use your credit card. The purchase price is just $97 - an awesome deal considering that you'll get your hands on 12 of today's hottest and most sought-after airbrush and graphics money-makers.

If you'd rather pay by check or money order ($97 plus $5 shipping and handling: total $102), you can mail in your payment (payable to BAA Direct) to:

BAA Direct - Dept. VS-77
4741 Madison Ave., Suite #200
Sacramento, CA 95841

It's all completely RISK FREE for you because I'm backing this all up with my usual insanely-generous guarantee. That means you'll receive…

One Full YEAR
To Check This Out.

Watch it… learn it… then use it to impress friends and family… build up your "portfolio" of custom paint tricks… or to simply make some serious money... fast. If after 12 full months you're not 100% happy for ANY reason — even NO reason — just send the package back and I'll personally refund every penny of your purchase price… no questions askedno hassles either.

I challenge you to find another company willing to put their money where their mouth is like this. You won't.

This means you can see it all for FREE if you choose. I'm not worried about it… as a valued "e-hotlist" member, I totally trust your judgment.

But WAIT… I've got something more for you. Like I mentioned earlier, you'll also receive a fascinating info-packed video called "Advanced Airbrushing Secrets". It's a full 30-minutes of footage packed with all kinds of simple and easy tips designed to have you airbrushing complex illustrations amazingly fast - which means BIG money in this business. You'll see a $1,500 airbrush illustration job - one that could take an experienced airbrush artist days, weeks, even months to create -- completed in less than two hours.

Finally learn the tricks to airbrushing "photo-realistic" art fast and without worry. You'll discover the secrets to mixing and airbrushing 20, 30 or 40 colors on a complex rendering... "fast and loose" masking tricks that'll save you hours... how to use your background white for realistic "reflections"... the one BIGGEST mistake that beginners make when rendering art... the secret to always airbrushing "with the grain"... color building tips that'll make flat work suddenly look 3D... "finishing details" that will make the difference between "nice" and "wow"... and a whole lot more. You'll absolutely LOVE this. But the thing you'll like most is that…

This "Advanced Airbrushing" Video
Is Yours To KEEP - Absolutely FREE.

As I said, it's about to hit the market at $49 - but it's yours FREE just for giving the "Vivid Special FXs" a look-see. Consider it a gift from me. Keep it, even if you later decide to return the "Vivid Special FXs" package for a full and prompt refund.

It's a generous offer - but you need to act right now.

Here's why. I've included this free "Advanced Airbrushing Secrets" video footage in just enough packages to cover my "hotlist" - which means there's only 188 of these bonus packages to go around. As an "e-hotlist" member, I will hold yours for exactly 11 days.

After 11 days, I'll assume that you're just not interested and pass your Vivid Special FXs package with the free "Advanced Airbrushing Secrets" to the next in line. These free "giveaways" always go fast, so please… even if you're just curious, call right now.


Prez, BAA

P.S. Just a recap. Call 1-888-665-6961 now and you'll receive my NEW "Vivid Special FXs" videoset -- nearly 3-1/2 hours of twelve cutting-edge special effects secrets -- AND that cool "Advanced Airbrushing Secrets" videoset. It's all risk free -- meaning you can return the package for a full and prompt refund. But the "Advanced Airbrushing Secrets" video is yours to keep no matter what! I've got a full package under your name for the next 11 days. After that it's gone.

Larry Savi is known throughout the custom paint and graphics industry as a kind of “mad scientist” for his constant testing and experimenting for the wildest looks in paint. He’s now perfected 12 more exciting “big-money” special FXs and airbrush tricks -- and wants to show YOU, step-by-step, exactly how to do them yourself -- in your own workshop with NO expensive equpment.



Listen To What Guys Who KNOW Are Saying About Larry Savi and BAA "Quick-Learn" Packs

"It's pretty simple once you know how it's done. I've done a lot of these project cars and Savi delivers the goods in a very straighttforward and frank manner. I like that! -- Lynn McWilliams, Special Ops Specialist.

"The courses I've gotten from you already have been great. The custom paint jobs I've done have turned out so good that people can't believe I just started doing this!" -- Steve Hildreth, Richardson, Texas.

"I've been using what I learned to do some paint jobs and all who have seen it said it looks very professional. Thanks!" -- Arthur Casnellie, Grove Port, Ohio

"I've found your entire collection to be the MOST informative and well done set. Thanks for such good stuff." -- AC Dettra, Tucson Arizona

"Thanks for keepin me on the hotlist. The videos are awesome!" -- Dave Danitz, Las Vegas, Nevada

"You make it and I'll buy it. I get better every time! -- Don Smart, APO, New York

"My `56 T-Bird turned out fabulous and I'm still winning shows!" -- Robert Mock, Seattle, Washington

"I designed and built a bike -- then painted it using your videos. Awesome! I was taking art classes and felt like I was throwing money into a black hole! Your video's showed some neat stuff on painting tricks." -- M. Manuszak, St. Clair, Michigan

"Impressive… the tapes are great! Keep up the great work!" — R. Castillo, Grand Prairie, TX

Larry Savi is a materials whiz and his expert methods don't require a bunch of expensive high tech equipment. The work always turns out top notch!" -- Richard Rendino, Phoenix, AZ

Larry certainly knows what he's talking about. I definately didn't want to do a half-ass job with a high-dollar hot rod. It turned out great! -- Jim Hollamon, Retired Engineer

"Right after quitting my job, I ordered your videos. Your videos have helped me go into custom bike painting full time. I'm making some of the `big money' you mentioned and owe a big thanks to your videos. Keep the videos coming." -- B. Morris, Oklahoma City, OK

"Excellent tapes! Keep the paint flowin!" — R. Dalesio, Norwalk, CT

"I thoroughly enjoyed your videos and am getting ready to spray a flame job — the first time at 60 years old have I had the courage to tackle a project of this magnitude. Thank you!" -- C. Hawkins, Portsmith, NH

"I have all your videos and I think they're the best out there." — C. Huey, Twin Lakes, MN

My `69 Ford Bronco turned out better than new. I literally have guys stopping me on the street just to talk about it!" Tom Woods, Retired CEO.

"Thank you very much for letting these `secrets' out of the bag. One guy kept telling me that I should get a `real' job, not this paint stuff.  Little did he know, that I was working about 20 hours total, (by choice), and still taking in about 3 times what this bozo was making at 40 plus hours per week.  He eventually figured it out when he saw I had more `toys' than he did. Your information videos are just the right ticket that I have been seeking for many years. Thanks again!" — T. McDaniel, Lake Havasu, AZ

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I have watched the tapes a few times and learn something every time. I am very much inspired. Please keep up the great work you are doing for us poor old beginners." — R. Huggy, Munsie, Indiana

"I know you said you'd would refund my money — but forget it ! You could offer me ten times that much and I would not part with this videoset!"-- D. Mayhall, Davenport, OK

"Top quality _ just like everything else I have bought from you." -- E. McMayon, Spring, TX


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