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Just ask any one of today's hotshot custom painters and maybe - just maybe — he'll admit to you the honest truth. And the truth is this — he knows 10 to 20 "foundation" paint tricks - that's it. Everything he does is based on that. And you can bet he's depending on them day in and day out.

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I'll even send you a FREE mega-cool "Dragon Fire" bonus video, (VHS or DVD… your choice), showing you "silhouette" graphics and realistic flame painting. It's yours to keep. But more about your free stuff in a minute.

Because this brand NEW "Wicked and Wild" videoset reveals eleven of today's hottest, most popular "big dollar" custom-paint secrets. These are the "sure money" tricks that use nothing more than paint and materials to do practically all the work. Very little effort… NO "artistic" abilities needed… and the payoff is huge.

Discover it all the easy way from one of the world's hottest "underground" custom painters - Larry Savi. When it comes to custom painting, Larry's been around the block a few times — maybe you've recently seen him with Boyd Coddington on "American Hot Rod".

He's considered to be a minor "god" in the deep "inner circles" of the customizing industry working "hands-on" on over 4,000 custom jobs. Many of them have won BIG at the country's most prestigious shows including "First Place" finishes at the World of Wheels… National T-Bird Show… All Ford Show… the Good Guys Nationals… Heaven Drags & More… Greenway… BOP Annual Show… Class Run to the Pines… and dozens more! His 1932 Ford Roadster custom job beat out thousands of competitors at the "LA Roadster Show" to get a special invitation to the 2002 Fresno "Autorama". For anyone who doesn't know… that's big stuff.

Larry's one of only a handful of "grass-roots" custom painters that rose through the ranks, learning ALL the most modern materials and tricks along the way, to become one of today's…

Most Sought After
And Award-Winning Custom Painters.

If Larry dropped over dead tomorrow I swear they'd have to erect a monument to him somewhere. Sure - Larry's "Sapranos-style" Jersey accent and quick temper makes it seem he'd just as soon break your legs as look at you. But it turns out that he has a soft spot in his heart for guys who want to learn custom painting. He's tired of seeing a few bigshots making ALL the bucks while the "little" guys are struggling just trying to figure this out. Believe me - there's plenty of money in this industry -- certainly enough to "spread-around".

The good news for YOU is that Larry's now willing to show you ELEVEN of the most popular, simple, and easy-to-learn tricks in a 3-hour "quick lesson" plan. "Wicked and Wild Special FXs" is powerful information that's a "must see" for guys who want to make money and have their work earn respect.

Here's just a taste of what Larry shows you:

  • Exactly how to use dazzling color-changing "Chameleon" paint. Normally it'd cost you at LEAST a thousand bucks for the paint alone, but Larry shows you how to lay down a stunning chameleon paint job for less than $20.
  • Which basecoat is absolutely necessary for your chameleon. It just won't work without this one secret and it's how you'll get your chameleon paints dancing and shifting between colors.
  • The super-easy and wildly effective trick to Double-Layered Marbelizing. Like I said - no "artistic" abilities needed — just a piece of "Saran Wrap" for a big time "wow" effect.
  • Which kind of basecoat you'll need to achieve the marbelizing color you want. Larry then shows you how to "soften" the marblized surface… even a simple trick to achieving a "flopping marble" effect.
  • How to properly spray a "knee-deep" Candy Basecoat and why you don't want to do this wrong. Easy to do when you know the trick.
  • A super fast way to get perfectly even multi-lines of a speckled "Water Drop" special effect using nothing more than a squirt bottle of water and a tack rag. You'll be blown away when you see how quick and easy this secret is.
  • How to achieve a dazzling "Heavy Metal Flake" that'll make you look like a pro — fast. Larry carefully explains exactly how to mix a "dry flake" into different clears and what you need to know about spraying it for perfectly even coverage. (No worries - Larry walks you through it all step-by-step).
  • How you can use a simple "basecoat" color to achieve a metal flake that's quicker.. uses less material… and is dramatically more stunning.
  • How to get a super-cool "Vreeble Crackle" effect. This is absolutely priceless and alone is worth the price of this entire video package. Spray on this special "crackle" material and you'll quickly get a raised "aligator skin" texture. You've got to see this to believe it.
  • How to properly apply and fade deep candies using intercoat clear and "House of Kolor" intensifier candies. Larry shows you the proper way to achieving a rich candy color and how to apply a simple "Candy Fade" between two colors. Easy to do once you see how.
  • The Card Masking trick for a wicked and dramatic "Kolidoscope" special FX. Use a plain business card, a few candies, and a simple criss cross pattern for stunning results that'll blow paying customers away. They won't know HOW you did it.
  • How to use a sea-sponge (or a simple kitchen sponge) and two-toned enamel paints to get dramatic "speckled accents". This is a simple trick you'll want to hang onto when you need impressive results fast and easy.
  • A simple airbrushed "Streaking Candy" FX that uses four candies and a "pearl white" basecoat to produce a wicked backdrop. Savi shows you which airbrush makes this work go fast and furious. Use this trick all by itself or as an impressive "ripaway" backdrop to other graphics. (Either way you'll look like a seasoned pro).
  • Spraying and cutting "spray mask" to get a "splat" special FX. Larry shows you exactly how to prep your backdrop graphics… how to apply and cut spray mask… and how to use the "positive" and "negative" cuts to assist in drop shadows, shading and more.
  • Using "frisket", a white basecoat, and a brilliant pearl to achieve "super-bright pearl" flames. You'll swear this color glows in the dark.
  • A simple "wham-bam" paint trick that uses two different basecoat colors and a simple flame stencil to add wild texture in minutes.

And a lot more. Flexible "plastic" tape-out secrets… exactly how to reduce and apply "Spray Mask" through a standard paint gun… unmasking tips for maintaining super-sharp clean edges… surface prep secrets to bypass common mistakes… a simple and inexpensive way to speed-up dry times… exactly which spray guns are necessary to get the job done right… simple "panel" design secrets for crisp, clean borders without pinstriping… overlapping, drop shadowing and layering tips… eliminating "lifting" and rough edges… which paints and materials to use and exactly how to mix them… and more. TONS more.

These are 11 secrets that most customizers had to practically kill for. But I'm NOT going to kid you — they're not for everyone. This is only for guys who want break into the advanced big-dollar side of this business by "building" their own collection of "must-know" tricks and secrets.

The best part is that you can learn them ALL quickly and without all the "artistic" nonsense and run-around. It's intensive instruction worth it's weight in gold.

Here's how to get your hands on this astonishing "Wicked & Wild" package right now.

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Like I said, it's 3 hours and it's solid, intensive instruction. It's available on DVD. Use your credit card. Or, if you'd rather pay by check or money order, send in your $97 payment (plus $5 shipping: total $102) to: BAA Direct, Dept FX-77, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292.

However you order, you'll be immediately rushed a BIG package of customizing goodies. You're going to discover what only a handful of highly paid custom painters currently know - and it's almost sure to piss a few of `em off. Because these are eleven of today's most sought-after… beloved… and guarded "cash cow" special FXs. It took other painters years (and a lot of crying and cursing) to figure these out. I can't blame them one tiny bit for being upset about it.

Take your time and watch "Wicked & Wild" carefully. There's no need to rush, because as part of my generous guarantee you've got a FULL YEAR to decide if you want to keep it or not. That's the most generous guarantee in the business. I challenge anyone else in this industry to put their money where their mouth is like this. You won't find it.

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That's good for YOU… and it's good for me because I know you'll be back for more.

But WAIT - like I mentioned earlier, there's also a FREE "Dragon Fire" bonus video waiting for you. It'll show you exactly how to use four simple colors and a 2-cent piece of chipboard to create an astonishing tribal dragon-head with realistic looking flames. This "realistic-flame" look is becoming insanely popular. It's quick, dramatic, and gives you yet another hot new style.

You'll be able to paint this pro-level Dragon Fire graphic in 20 minutes or LESS and it'll look like it took you weeks of blood, sweat and tears.. You've got to see it to believe it. Normally I'd sell this for a LEAST $39 — but it's yours absolutely free. Keep it even if you later decide to return the package for a full refund… AND the $10 for your trouble.

Consider this "Dragon Fire" to be "Special FX Number 12" in your bag of tricks. Like I always say, as an "e-hotlist" member you'll get better treatment than EVERYONE else.

But you've got to hurry. I've added this "bonus" footage to the end of the "Wicked and Wild" show on ONLY 88 duplications and set them aside for "e-hotlist" guys like you only. I doubt very much they'll ever be ANY more produced. It's a "must-see", and I encourage you to click on the "Buy" button below...

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P.S. HOLD ON… I've got something more for you. It's a brand new audiotape I made with Larry Savi called "Tips For Setting Up Your Home Shop" and it covers a TON of subjects for guys who want to get into this and start making money as quickly as possible. Savi talks about pro tips to airbrushes... compressors... ventaliation... water separators... air hoses... where you should set up and where you shouldn't... the kind of guns you should consider... and a lot more. It's 45 minutes of critical information for anyone starting to set up a home shop. It's worth at least $29 but it's your's FREE when you order the "Wicked and Wild" package.

P.P.S. Okay… I just want to clarify what you'll get when you order right now. You'll receive Larry Savi's 11 pro-level custom paint tricks in "Wicked and Wicked Special FXs"... a ONE YEAR guarantee... a FREE bonus video "Dragon Fire" (yours to keep)... and that cool "Tips To Setting Up Your Home Shop" audiotape also yours FREE even if you decide to return "Wicked and Wild" for a full and fast refund of your purchase price plus the extra $10 for your trouble. You have to admit -- it's a mega-generous offer.

But there are only 88 of the FREE "Dragon Fire" bonuses to go around, so you've got to hurry. Call
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