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It's the "Dirty Little Secret" of nearly ALL custom-graphic painters…

I Have A FREE Set of Top-Quality "Skull-N-Flame" Stencils That Will Suddenly Allow You To Quickly and Easily Paint Dramatic Custom Graphics
And They're Yours to Keep... Absolutely FREE!

I'll Even Show You EXACTLY How To Use These Pro-Grade Stencils To Stun and Amaze
Even Hotshot Experts _ Even If You Have ZERO Art Experience
And Have Never Custom-Painted a Thing In Your Entire Life!

From: James Curley
President, BAA Direct

Dear Friend:

I can be a good friend. A very good friend.

Because right now I have a FREE "Skull-N-Flame" stencil-set sitting on my desk waiting for YOU. No kidding -- these are top-quality, one-of-a-kind, laser-cut, chemical resistant, Mylar stencils made specifically for creating custom auto-and-bike graphics. They're worth $60 and they're yours to keep.

So why am I being such a good friend? Well, let's just call it...

A "Shameless Bribe".

You see, I want you to check out my incredible NEW video package I call "Radical Stencil Designs". It's an exciting, mega-advanced graphics course that will not only teach you how to use your new stencils, but also show you tons of new custom painting tricks and tips. It's a MUST-SEE if you're truly interested in creating astonishing auto-and-bike graphics the EASY way.

So here's what's going on: Almost all of today's custom work _ including the stunning "blow-your-socks-off" kind of graphics appearing inside big-time national car-and-bike magazines _ is being made with STENCILS. It's the "dirty little trick" customizers use to help guide them quickly and without worry through complex graphics.

But of course the real "trick" is knowing HOW to use them. Because once you understand how it's done (and it's not hard) you too will pull-off that same level of professional jaw-dropping custom work... and start getting the respect and BIG money that ALL pro-customizers have come to expect.

Don't believe it? No problem — you don't have to. Because I want to PROVE it to you by…

Giving YOU A
FREE "Test-Drive" Of
This Amazing NEW Video Set.

That's right. See it all for FREE if you choose -- because there's NO RISK to you at all. "Radical Stencil Designs" is 3-tapes, (a full 3-1/2 hours) of solid instruction that will show you, step-by-step, EXACTLY how you can use your stencils to create amazing custom graphics... AND a lot more. You don't need any expensive equipment… or some hot-shot graphic designer "degree"… or even much of money. In fact, I'm going to show you how you can produce...

A $2,000 Skull-and-Flame Graphic Job
Over a Weekend... For Less Than
Gas-Money To A Sturgis "Bike-Rally".

You'll go from a mild-mannered car-and-cycle lover to a customizing superman. NO bull _ it's that good.

Car-and-bike "builders" especially love "Radical Stencil Designs". Because after spending months piecing together their ride _ they've been forced to take a back seat to the "artist" who spends an easy weekend painting the skulls and flames. Well now these builders are using my simple stencils… doing it themselves, and…

Making All The Money And
Taking ALL The Credit.

That's at least a cool two-grand in their pocket. Good for them. And now it's good for YOU too.

Because here's what I've for you right now: I've been living, eating, and breathing custom graphics for nearly 30-years now. I've hung-out with, and learned from, some of the world's greatest "underground" customizers ever. These guys are currently doing work for Jesse James and his "West Coast Choppers" shop… have taken "Best of Show" at dozens of national car and bike shows… have painted hotrods and bikes for the biggest names in LA... and are ALL making serious BUCKS for just a few hours of their time.

They're ornery sons-of-guns who regularly throw "hanger-ons" out of their shops. So believe me… you're NOT going to be able to "pop-in" and pick up some custom graphic tips from these guys.

But they ALL know about my little company. It turns out that by delivering good solid information to guys like you... without all the bull... I've built-up quite a reputation. So these world-class customizers were more than happy to help out.

And help-out they did. Together we've made an intensive custom-graphics course that's easy to follow. You will NOT find this anywhere else because NO ONE is putting out this kind of straight forward detailed information.

"Radical Stencil Designs" is designed to actually teach a newcomer the simple and easy-to-learn tricks to using your new stencils... plus a lot more. A whole lot more.

Here's just a taste of what you'll learn:

  • How to repair simple dings and dents in minutes using an inexpensive quick-dry "Spot-Lite" filler. You'll see everything — from exactly which hardener to use (and how to avoid "bleed-through"), to set-up times and simple sanding techniques. Your surface will be absolutely perfect before you even begin.
  • How to make your stencil work look free-hand — including the simple "light source" concept… easy "hard-edge" blending tricks… defining your highlight, midtone, and shadow areas… and super-simple secrets to achieving 3-dimensional graphics using nothing more than a $10 airbrush and a flat set of stencils.
  • How to use your three "positive cut" stencils and a simple pearl to make a dramatic ghost-skull in less than TWO MINUTES. No joke _ this one tip will make you look like a friggin' customizing genius.
  • How to create your own stencils using a common and inexpensive material. Learn to easily and quickly copy your favorite designs to stencils, then use them to create your own original custom graphics. It's easy… fun… and will make you look like a pro fast.
  • When a primer-surfacer is necessary and exactly how to mix and apply it. This one simple step can literally erase minor surface flaws and give you a surface on which your paint will "bite".
  • The proper way to mix and apply "adhesion promoter" and why you don't want to do this wrong. Your graphics will "bind" to the surface forever guaranteeing that they'll be admired for years to come.
  • Exactly how to properly mix and spray your metallic basecoats _ the very foundation for a stunning candy overlay.
  • An "Intercoat Clear" mixing trick that will provide you with light protection between graphic layers. Follow along closely and your graphics will remain thin and clean.
  • Exactly how to mix and use candy "Intensifiers" to achieve dramatic "knee deep" candies that absolutely come alive in sunlight. Do it one way and you'll achieve dramatic "streaking" for wild graphic effects, another way for perfectly even, smooth-as-silk coverage.
  • How to use BOTH your negative stencils and positive stencils to quickly "build" your graphic into a stunning masterpiece.
  • Why a simple airbrush "diaper" can absolutely protect your work and save you from the disastrous "drips" heartache. Knowing this will let you work fast and clean.
  • Stencil design and "composition" tips that will help your overall design come together as tight as a jigsaw puzzle. Believe me… you don't need a degree in "art" to learn this.
  • The three BIGGEST mistakes most new guys make when mixing their own candies. You'll learn the right way, the wrong way, and how to completely take the worry out of mixing-up your own candy Intensifiers.
  • The secrets to pencil thin airbrush lines that will allow you to work in close with your airbrush and stencils... with absolutely NO concerns about blowouts or "material dump".
  • The simple "50% rule" all custom painter MUST keep in mind for perfectly even, candy coverage. This trick will quickly make your candies dance… having you look like a seasoned pro.
  • How to get four completely unique looks from one simple set of flame stencils. Overlap them while you work and get complex graphics in minutes. Even the experts will swear it took you weeks!
  • A brand-new, inexpensive, and completely unknown "paint-on" masking material (perfectly legal in ALL states), that allows you to quickly mask off odd-shaped surfaces — like a helmet or tank. This is one major "scoop" that NO customizer knows about. You'll be the first _ giving you opportunity to leave other painters in the dust.
  • The simple trick to "bending" 1/8-inch masking tape around even the most insanely curved and complex designs. Easy to do once you see how.
  • How to avoid the dreaded "opaque" candy. Learn the trick behind laying down your candies perfect... the first time, and every time.
  • How to determine the exact moment to spray your second and third coats of urethane-clear. Too soon and it'll sag on you _ wait too long and it'll crack. This one simple trick makes it all absolutely fool proof!
  • The simple "three-step" finishing polish. Within five minutes you'll have a shine deeper than Lake Tahoe and more durable than stainless steel.

And a ton more. Simple wet sanding techniques… incredible blending techniques using a cheapie single-action airbrush… the magic of easily adding drop-shadows… producing stunning "background" ghost flames… how to bury your graphics under candies then use your stencils to "restore" the highlights for a serious "WOW"… and tons more. Way too much to cover here.

It's a LOT of info that'll make your stencil work go quickly and smoothly. There's nothing left out. This video-package covers it ALL step-by-step. What kinds of paints… how they're mixed… brand names… simple "insider" art and design tricks… how to adjust your airbrush to get stellar results… flash and dry times… everything. There's a ton of material. It's compact, simple, and easy-to-learn.

Follow along carefully and absolutely stun friends and family. They'll swear you've made a pact with the devil himself when they see how dramatic your work suddenly becomes. There's simply NO fluff in this. It's powerful information that will allow you _ using your free set of stencils _ to…

Start Painting "Big-Money"
Custom Graphics Tomorrow!

This is real-world customizing with EVERYTHING demonstrated using a standard cycle helmet and a Harley "Shovelhead" fuel tank. And like I said, all the materials are off-the-shelf auto paints and supplies _ no "EPA prohibited" paints or hard-to-find speciality products. Just straightforward info using materials you'll find anywhere in the U.S.

It's packed with super-advanced instruction that's easy-to-follow, even for beginners. But… as with all good things…

There Is One "Catch"

You must understand that these stencil-sets are not cheap. They cost me plenty. This means I've ONLY produced an extremely limited number -- 176 stencil-sets to be exact I doubt very much there will EVER be any more of these stencils produced, which means if you wait, you'll miss out. If you're reading this, it means there's still "Skull-N-Flame" sets available _ but only if you act NOW.

So here's what you need to do immediately: Click on the "Buy" button below:

The price for this package is just $97 -- a bargain considering that you can use this priceless info to earn thousands next week. Use your credit card.

But if you'd rather talk to an operator, you can call my office right now and tell them you're interested in receiving the "Radical Stencil Designs" video-set and your FREE set of stencils. That toll-free number is:

Department RS-77

Operators are standing by 24-hours a day, 7 days a week so there's no wrong time to phone. Once again, you can use your credit card.

Or, if you'd rather pay by mail, just send a check or money order for $97 (plus $5 for shipping and handling. Total $102), to:

BAA Direct • Dept. RS-77
4741 Madison Ave., Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95841-2506

No matter how you order, you'll be rushed a BIG package — 3-tapes, 3 ½ hours of solid custom painting instruction plus your FREE "Skull-N-Flame" stencil sets (a 2-piece flame set and a 4-piece skull set). Like I said, these are top-quality laser-cut Mylar stencils designed specifically for their ease of use. Believe me, if you're a true fan of custom graphics, you'll be like a kid in candy store when you get your package.

But the best part about this deal is that…

It's All 100%

That's right _ all the risk is on MY shoulders. If you're not completely thrilled with this package for ANY reason… even NO reason… just send it back and I'll make sure you're refunded EVERY PENNY of your purchase price. No questions asked and no hassles either. In fact, I'm so confident that you'll absolutely LOVE this that I'm even willing to give you…

One Full YEAR
To Make Up Your Mind

Take your time. Learn it. Then use it to make some money… win some shows… or just impress the pants off some girls. The choice is yours. This gives you a year-long chance to check it all out for FREE if you choose. I completely trust your judgement on this.

But no matter what you later decide, I want you to keep the stencils _ a $60 value _ just for giving "Radical Stencil Designs" a chance. The stencils will last you a lifetime and it's a generous gift from me to you.

I challenge you to find another company in this industry willing to stand behind their products like this. You won't because there simply isn't one. BAA Direct has developed a rock-solid reputation for backing up its words AND treating customers like gold. It's the only reason world-class customizers had ANYTHING to do with making this product.

But please, do this now! Word about this amazing deal is already out and I'm getting flooded with calls from people trying to get their hands on these free stencils. I expect supply to be gone within the next 11 days. So if you ARE interested, do yourself a favor and act NOW, while you're still reading this letter. Click on the "Buy" button now...

...or call 1-888-665-6961 right away.

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


James Curley

P.S. You'll be stunned and delighted when you discover how easy custom painting with stencils can be. You can learn it all RISK FREE in mere hours and finally have the chops to start earning the respect and kudos of the best painters on the planet! But hurry, because I expect these stencils to be gone within the next 11 days. So please hurry and get it all now... okay?

P.P.S. Oh… and take a look below to see what custom-painters who KNOW are saying about "Radical Stencil Designs".

"Great stuff! I appreciate you spelling out everything in such a simple way. Even though I'm just getting started, you made this easy." _ V. Diaz, Manteca, CA

"The video walked me through it all and the stencils made it easy. My friends can't believe it. Looks incredible… all I can say is thanks." — D. Castillo, Dallas, TX

"I used what I learned from your videos to make my own stencils. Now I'm custom painting everything in sight and making big bucks along the way. Work is piling up… I thank you and so does my wife." — R. Staab, Phoenix, AZ

"It's cool, because I painted a tank in two days and it really wasn't that tough… the bike is now getting seriously noticed. " — R. Zahn, Milwaukee, WI

"I loved this because it was simple and my mural turned-out exactly like I wanted. The Sportster looks fantastic. Thanks!" — D. O'Leary, Long Beach, CA

"Wow… thanks. I didn't believe it at first, but I just followed everything in the video and it turned out great!" — L. Barnes, Pittsburg, PA

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